Consultant Services

Display Calibration

calibration gamut

We offer an on-site display calibration service that takes the guess work out of matching monitors between suites and between facilities. We come to you with the necessary know-how, test signal generators, colour measurement probes and software analysis tools required to get the best performance from your CRT’s, LCD’s, Plasmas, OLED’s and Projectors. This service can extend to include a full display characterisation procedure, necessary to create custom 3D LUTs to precisely hit a specific colour gamut, gamma and white point.

On-site display calibration services are offered on an ad-hoc basis with hourly, half-day and daily rates. Alternatively, if you prefer we visit on a periodic basis we offer discounted rates for customers entering into an annual agreement.

Colour Management

calibration gamut

We offer advice and consultancy services to help you manage colour and colour spaces throughout your project. This is typically a service used when undertaking the DI for a feature film, where multiple versions of the finished product have to be created for Digital Cinema, Film Print and Television. Using display and film profiling techniques we create the necessary 3D LUTs required when colour grading to pre-visualise specific target colour spaces ( i.e. a viewing LUT). We can also generate conversion LUTs to help you more easily adapt your Film Print version into Digital Cinema and Television versions.

General Advice & Consultancy

If you just want to pick our brains on something you’ve not come across before, be that a technology, product or process; please feel free to pick up the phone or send us an e-mail and we’ll try to help you if we can. We have extensive local and global connections to post production facilities and equipment manufacturers and can usually find the answers one way or another. If you subsequently wish to engage us in a more formal manner we can help with the design, supply, planning, installation or management of a project or system.

Stuart Monksfield
Managing Director
Mojo Media Solutions Pty Ltd